Specialist Law – Equine Law

Equine Law

Equestrian claims are usually covered beneath a vast area of different legal principles which can make things very complicated and difficult to understand. At MJP Law we have separated equine law as an area we specialise in with a team of committed equine professionals with personal interest and knowledge in the equine world who are able to assist you with any horse-related legal issues you may have.

We pride ourselves on providing fixed priced, affordable, quality services which are vast and include the preparation of loan, sale and livery agreements. Every agreement is tailored to each individual client’s needs.

As well as veterinary negligence, personal injury claims where horses or ponies are involved, a common area of equine dispute arises from the purchasing of a horse that does not comply with its advertised description. We are able to assist and advise on such situations with either claiming or defending.

By taking the time to address and investigate matters from the beginning, our expert solicitors can help you to avoid pitfalls, reducing costs and giving you back valuable time in the saddle.

Contact us for a free initial consultation where we will provide you with the advice regarding the most practical and cost effective way of dealing with your issues.