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Child Contact Solicitors

MJP Law are specialist Child Contact Solicitors.

With effect from 22 April 2014 the law relating to children has changed. Residence and Contact Orders no longer exist, other than if they have already been made and now the Court is making Child Arrangements Orders (CAO) under the new Child Arrangement Programme (CAP).

The CAP applies where there is a dispute between families about arrangements concerning the children. The CAP is designed to assist families to reach child-focused arrangements, where possible out of the Court setting.  If families are unable to reach agreement and a Court Application is made the CAP encourages swift resolution of the dispute through the Court.  It is well recognised that negotiated agreements between adults generally enhance long term co-operation and are better for the child concerned. Therefore, families are now strongly encouraged to attempt to resolve their dispute concerning their children outside of the Court system.

All parties are now required to engage in non-Court resolution of disputed arrangements for children. Mediation is available to provide opportunities for families to work in a positive and constructive way. If mediation fails, then the parties are permitted to make an Application to the Court for determination of any issues concerning the children.

It helps greatly to have an impartial solicitor on hand to go through every step with you and work out what is best for all parties personally.

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