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Financial Settlement Solicitors

MJP Law are specialist Financial Settlement Solicitors.

Upon the breakdown of a marriage the Court has wide powers to order one spouse to pay maintenance to the other, to pay the other a lump sum, to order the sale of the matrimonial home or the transfer into the sole name of one spouse and to make orders in relation to pensions even though they may not be payable for many years.

However, please remember that this is likely to be a situation where no-one will “win” and both of you will have to compromise on the settlement that you would hope to get. The ideal situation would be that there would be enough money to buy both you and your spouse a house each but this is, of course, not often possible and so it is usually a question of doing the best that we can with what money is available.

We would refer you to a helpful website ( The public facing section of this website contains useful information relating to families going through relationship breakdown and all that it entails from a legal point of view

Our solicitors are very experienced in this area and would be more than happy to talk things through with you .