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Deputyship Solicitors

Deputyship Solicitors are needed when a loved one loses the ability to make their own decisions regarding their finances and welfare and they have not organised a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) Deed; you may face issues when it comes to obtaining access to finances and property on their behalf.

When care home fees need to be paid, utility bills need to be discharged, decisions regarding a sale of a property need to be made, for example, it can be important to gain the authority to deal with these issues as soon as possible.

In order to gain this authority, you will need to apply for Deputyship at the Court of Protection. This means that you are asking the court to make an order giving you authority to make financial and welfare decisions a loved one has lost the ability to make for themselves.

The process can take a few months and may be the only way to get matters moving so important decisions can be made and issues resolved. Here at MJP Law, we can assist you along every step of the way, delivering a very efficient and effective service.